Costex Corporation – Heavy Machinery Replacement Parts

Costex Corporation manufacturers and distributes replacement Caterpillar parts world-wide. Their strenuous and in depth inspection procedures guarantee their client’s the highest quality product matched with an award winning customer service experience. Presentation is a huge factor over at their marketing headquarters in Miami, Florida, so important to them, they felt it necessary to manufacturer their own boxes. Costex then created a new department called CTP Boxes, where they now create boxes for their clients.


Custom WordPress Plug-In Development

We here at T-Rex Creative seriously enjoy helping our client’s separate themselves from their competition. Creating a user experience that is simple, straight-forward and clean, is our usual approach when developing website functionality. Click on the “Request a Quote” button to take their custom packaging request form plugin for a spin!

Corporate Video Presentation

We encourage you to visit Costex social media accounts. They are VERY visual and very fond of showcasing the process of how their business works hard to take care of their customers. Here is a “How its made” style video which runs you through the various departments that make up Costex operations.