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Crystal Kayaks

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In November of 2015, Crystal Kayak reached out to us to us to provide Aerials for their first ever shoot. 1 hour, we were in and out. Though Miami has beautiful waters, the first shoot gave them exactly what they needed, some content for web and social, however, the owners weren’t satisfied. They knew they needed more WOW. It wasn’t a surprise when they reached back out, this time, for a shipwreck and coral reef shoot in Bimini, Bahamas. Now, we were able to show the full potential of this magnificent product.

Clear and durable, the kayak’s and talent looked pretty as we pieced together a very high paced, action packed, adventure of a video of all the locations we visited during our trip to Bimini. Put a transparent product in a beautiful location and the experience is completely different than what you are used to. Bimini with Crystal Kayaks was a ton of work that didn’t feel like work. Hope you enjoyed the video.

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